زیرسازی چمن مصنوعی تزئینی

 All measurements are to be verified on-site before starting any work or ordering materials.

 Site and construction:
 constraints The following construction constraints will be imposed on this contract: • Prior to construction, the School Principal shall nominate the areas he/she wishes to maintain access to during the period of the contract. • The areas to which the contractor’s activities shall be confined will be specified by the school and the Project Manager prior to the construction date.
.زیرسازی چمن مصنوعی تزئینی

 Possession of site will be as agreed at time of contract or no later than one (1) month from time of contract. The contractor may be required to carry out some site work during school holiday periods.
  Site Meetings:
 A senior representative of the Contractor shall attend regular on-site meetings with representatives from the Principal, Project Manager and Project Director. The Project Manager will chair the meetings and provide minutes to all parties within one week of the meeting.
 زیرسازی چمن مصنوعی تزئینی 

Manufacturer’s installation, operation and maintenance literature:
 Before the date of practical completion, the contractor shall provide two (2) copies of a manual containing manufacturer’s installation, operation and maintenance literature, for the specified playing surfaces systems supplied under this contract. The information is to be compiled in a clear and orderly manner, fully indexed and bound into a durable hard covered manual. The manual is to be submitted to the Project Manager.

  Care of Pavements and Existing:
 Grassed and Landscaped areas Construction methods and traffic shall be limited to prevent damage to existing pavements, grassed and landscaped areas and constructions. The contractor shall be liable for the repair and making good of all damage caused by the construction works and traffic. The pavements are to be promptly cleaned of any materials resulting from the carting of materials and other operations to the approval of the Project Manager.
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زیرسازی چمن مصنوعی تزئینی   Setting out:
 Arrange and bear all cost associated with the proper setting out of relevant athletic tracks and sport pitches/fields/ovals etc, to ensure compliance with their specific requirements. The general positioning and siting of the relevant athletic running track(s) and relevant sport pitches/courts/fields/ovals shall match the existing configuration shown on the contract drawings provided as attachments to this tender specification

Please note that the drawings provided are only preliminary tender plans and may be subject to alteration before construction drawings are issued.                                               
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